Zeke Bentley, our Principal, with Tim Costello, the CEO of World Vision for some 12 years before moving to the new role of chief advocate for World Vision. | Irish Bentley Laywers
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Mr Costello gave an enlightened speech at a World Vision dinner held last night in Brisbane, highlighting how World Vision has improved millions of lives in the least developed and poorest countries in the World.

His passion and insight into World poverty and injustice was eye-opening, and it was refreshing to see the good work done in these areas, and how efficient the organisation is at ensuring every donation has maximum impact.

A few interesting statistics came out of the dinner.

For example, if money is lent to the matriarch of the family, over 80% goes to help the family…whereas if it is lent to the patriarch, about 40% goes to the family.

Another interesting statistic is that less than 1% of all loans made by World Vision to the poor, go into default – a default % that large banks would love to claim!

This low default rate really demonstrates how appreciative these people are for the help they get to improve their lives, and how efficiently World Vision are able to use the donations they so dearly need to keep effecting change.

There is a focus on helping the poor in Myanmar (formerly known as Burma) which is one of the poorest countries in the world, and whose people desperately need the sort of help that World Vision brings.

Keep up the good work Tim and World Vision!

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