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Understanding intellectual property goes hand in hand with understanding Australia’s developing innovative industries – and Irish Bentley Lawyers have been delivering holistic and practical advice in this field for four decades.

Among the most important assets in any business are its goodwill, image, innovation and how it distinguishes itself in the market. Intellectual property provides the basis for all business, whether it is in the form of the organisation’s logo, its copyright material, client lists, trade secrets or innovations.

At Irish Bentley Lawyers, our Brisbane IP lawyers recognise the significance of trademarks and intellectual property as some of the most strategically important assets on the corporate balance sheet. We have a team of specialised lawyers with a vast collective experience across all areas of intellectual property and the most effective means of commercialisation. Seeking advice and protection for your intellectual property is crucial before entering into any expansion, or commercial transaction. Our extensive experience in all areas of intellectual property enables us to identify individual strategies for your business.


Areas that we can help with:

*  Providing thorough advice in all facets of intellectual property for individuals, start-ups and established businesses.

*  Trade mark applications.

*  Patent litigation.

*  Copyright litigation (copyright infringement).

*  Entertainment Law

*  Information Technology Law

*  Advice on Plant Breeder’s rights.

*  Advice on registered and unregistered designs.

*  Advice on circuit layouts.

*  Advice on software development.

*  Advice on licensing and drafting client-specific license agreements.

*  Advice and litigation of breach of confidence.

*  Representing customers seeking and defending search and seizure orders from Court.

*  Advice on Enforcement and Anti-Piracy.


For all matters relating to intellectual property, trade marks or copyright arrange an appointment with us on by calling 07 3229 4060 or email us at

Disclaimer: The above does not constitute legal advice and Irish Bentley Lawyers make no representations or warranties as to the accuracy of any of the information contained herein. If you have a taxation issue, please do not hesitate to contact the team at Irish Bentley Lawyers.

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