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Irish Bentley Lawyers believe in helping our business clients to balance profit aims and the need to be proactive with their legal matters. Businesses must be vigilant about compliance with regulatory regimes. We work with our clients to ensure that all compliance is closely monitored and that the latest changes in legislation are addressed. Together, we can avoid costly and time-consuming regulatory breaches and help businesses to maintain best practices with their compliance matters.

The team at Irish Bentley Lawyers has recently been assisting a client to be granted status as a higher education provider. The educational industry is heavily regulated, and we have worked closely with our client to prepare its application for registration and accreditation with the Tertiary Education Quality and Standards Agency (“TEQSA”).

Our principal Zeke Bentley sits on the provider’s governance board to ensure that they meet TEQSA’s rigorous standards. Our team prepared and reviewed a number of materials for submission including various policies and procedures, risk management policies, fraud control frameworks and service agreements. We also liaised closely with the CEO and Dean of the organisation in order to ensure we always had their goals in mind and to provide detailed advice and commentary on all of the materials that our team drafted for them. We considered, in detail, seven (7) different and complex legislative instruments together with analysing TEQSA policies and had to address everything from consumer law issues on markets, to intellectual property protection, to visa law, to corporate structures, to privacy law, to workplace health law, to refund policies.

We also assisted the client by drafting their: –

  • Constitution.
  • Risk Management Policy.
  • Fraud Control Framework.
  • Risk Monitoring and Mitigation Plan.
  • Service Agreement with their service provider.
  • Refund Policies.
  • Workplace Health and Safety Policies.
  • Safety and Emerging Management Policies.

As well as this, we provided a comprehensive review of corporate documents and third party arrangement policy.

We are proud to announce that our client has passed their initial assessment phase and will now be progressing to the next stage of development.

This was a major project requiring legal expertise and skill in a huge range of legal areas.

Our lawyers are experienced in assisting with a range of business agreements. For example, a ‘shareholders’ agreement is an important source of protection for the business enterprise and your own investment in a company. This business agreement can sometimes be overlooked under the assumption that nothing will go wrong in the future between the entrepreneurs setting up a company.

At Irish Bentley Lawyers, we have experts in a broad range of legal disciplines allowing us to identify overlapping legal issues and deliver extraordinary results. Perhaps your business has a novel aspect of the business which you wish to licence to other parties through a licensing agreement. The Commercial and the Intellectual Property division are able to work together to help ensure that these matters are conducted commercially all while ensuring that your intellectual property remains protected.

Similarly, our Employment division is available to provide input where disputes are brewing, and negotiate employment disputes to pursue the best possible outcome for our clients. Our lawyers are also experienced in representing clients at the Fair Work Commission and the Anti-Discrimination Commission of Queensland. Likewise, tax law issues are involved in every transaction.

Other services we offer include drafting, reviewing and amending:

  • Buy Sell agreements
  • Loan agreements
  • Licensing agreements
  • Investment agreements
  • Franchise agreements and disclosure documents
  • Non-disclosure and confidentiality agreements
  • Terms of trade
  • Internal policies

Whilst proactive legal work will minimise disputes they can still happen and, when they do, Irish Bentley Lawyers are here to help. This means exploring all dispute resolution options to find the most suited and cost effective for your matter.

Our lawyers are experienced in a huge range of litigation matters and have appeared in all courts including the High Court (on a constitutional challenge). We handle all commercial disputes and we assist with alternative dispute resolution options such as negotiation and dispute mediation.

Our team can assist and advise when entering into contracts ensuring conformity with the relevant law. We are experienced in the protection of rights for individuals, start-ups and established businesses, and asset protection.

For professional legal advice on all matters relating to business agreements or compliance, please call the team at Irish Bentley Lawyers today on 3229 4060.

Corporate and Commercial Law

With years of experience behind them, the lawyers at Irish Bentley are here to help your corporate ventures succeed. We understand that the challenges facing each business are unique. That is why our focus is on understanding your business first and then delivering practical and commercial outcomes.

We understand that regulations and codes affecting your business can be overwhelming. The corporate lawyers at Irish Bentley aim to help clients understand how these impact their business and provide practical advice on regulatory and compliance issues. Our experienced lawyers are also able to ensure your business’s ongoing compliance with the ever-changing legislative frameworks, industry codes and regulations.

Our Corporate and Commercial division have advised clients with:-

  • Corporate governance matters – Powers and duties of directors, rights of shareholders and director and shareholder disputes.
  • Corporate transactions – Incorporation of companies, establishing trust structures, business name and A.B.N. registrations.
  • Business structuring.
  • Asset protection.
  • Structuring.
  • Commercial agreements.

Our Corporate and Commercial team work closely with the Property Law section, advising and negotiating commercial leases, and preparing a variety of business agreements. Whether a small document or large complex company structuring, Irish Bentley Lawyers brings extensive experience in all business law related matters. We consider taxation implications and liability risks so you are informed of all your options.

We focus on providing commercial outcomes by considering all of your rights and options so that the correct strategy can be adopted.

Irish Bentley Lawyers has the experience, the reputation and the ability to secure the best possible result at a cost-effective price. We look not only at how to fix a problem, but also how to protect your interest in the future.

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