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It’s a term that most people have grown desensitised to, maybe even tiresome of hearing – online piracy.

For most people out there, they wish the term would go away, not be pursued, or even just let the politicians shut up and stop harping on about something that it seems, at times, will never get better.

Australia has been labelled as the “piracy kings” of the world, and not only that, we seem to wear this prolific title like it is a badge of honour.

Just last year, Australia broke the world record for the most illegally downloaded episode in TV history for the finale of Breaking Bad, only to be topped months later with the opener of Season 4 of Game of Thrones – admit it, you’ve done it – and to be honest, you really don’t care.

The last thing Australians need is a lecture – I get it – don’t worry. We have possibly some of the worst access to international smash-hit television the world has seen, and it doesn’t seem like things are changing for the better (apart from the recent hype that Netflix may venture into Australian waters). Soaring prices dictate the access of our little island to TV shows widely pined after – yet, are we really doing ourselves any favours by engraining this behaviour into our culture?

Well – in the words of Sam Cooke – “change gonna come”.

According to the The Age, the Media Industry are lobbying against online piracy intensifying, “amid growing expectations the Abbott government will move shortly to clamp down on internet service providers and the national pastime”.

What do you think should be the reforms to our Copyright laws?

Read an interesting article on the piracy war here:


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