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On 25 November 2017, the National Domestic Violence Order Scheme commenced operation to improve the protection of family and domestic violence victims across Australia.

The new framework will automatically cause Domestic Violence Orders (DVOs) made from 25 November 2017 to be nationally recognised across all Australian States and Territories. These changes seek further protect the aggrieved(s) and to remove the confines that had restricted enforcement against the perpetrator often caused by traveling or relocating away from the location where the DVO was made.

Whilst DVOs obtained prior to 25 November 2017 will not be automatically recognised nationally, these can be updated to be nationally recognised through making a further application before any local court in Australia.

The National Domestic Violence Order Scheme serves as a strong reminder to perpetrators of family and domestic violence whom have avoided enforcement due to a change in geographical proximity. Further, victims can now be assured that their protection will extend throughout Australia, irrespective of location.

Whether you are considering a DVO, a party to a DVO, or updating an existing DVO to be nationally recognised, we encourage you to contact the team at Irish Bentley Lawyers.

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