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Irish Bentley Lawyers are proud of successfully securing injunctive relief for our clients, the 3 Florinians Pty Ltd, to protect the registered trademark of the popular West End restaurant, the Little Greek Taverna.

Two competing businesses have been operating in Brisbane as “Little Greek Cuzina”, causing confusion to customers and bank managers, so the 3 Florinians approached Irish Bentley Lawyers about what to do.

Our Intellectual Property Lawyer and Trade Mark Attorney, Angus Murray, built a case seeking Orders that two Brisbane restaurants remove the word “little” from all business trademarks, and a Court declaration that the competing business (Little Greek Cuzina) was infringing its registered trademark.

Justice Greenwood found “little Greek Taverna” was well recognized as the name of the West End Restaurant, and there was a prima facie case of deceptive similarity. The two restaurants were Ordered to remove the word “little” from their trademarks and signs within 30 days, pending a trial.

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If you need any help with seeking injunctive relief or protecting your intellectual property, then please contact our Intellectual Property Lawyer and Trade Mark Attorney, Angus Murray on 07 3229 4060.

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