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Director Liability

New Director Liability Laws mean that companies must ensure that their super guarantee obligations are up to date for the June 2012 quarter in the next two weeks. The directors of companies that fail to do so risk having to pay the super guarantee charge (“SGC”) personally.

If you are a director of a company that has not paid the 9% super guarantee (superannuation contributions) for the June 2012 quarter, you must lodge the overdue SGC statement with the Australian Taxation Office (“ATO”) by 28 November 2012. Failing to do so will expose you to personal liability, which can only be avoided by paying the outstanding SGC.

Director Liability is a serious issue and if you are struggling to meet your superannuation obligations, please contact Zeke Bentley of Irish Bentley Lawyers as soon as possible on (07) 3891 3333. The team at Irish Bentley are dedicated to resolving your situation as soon as possible.

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