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 Under the Criminal Organisation Act 2009, a Court can declare an organisation to be a ‘Criminal Organisation’ where:

  1. information suggests links between the organisation and criminal activity;
  2. current and former members of the organisation have been convicted of criminal offences;
  3. information suggests that current or former members are, or have been, involved in criminal activity even if they were not successfully convicted; and
  4. anything else the Court considers relevant.

So far this test has only been used topolice-image declare a number of motorcycle clubs in Queensland.

Interestingly the Queensland Police Service (QPS) published a media release today explaining that two (2) Constables were investigated for corruption which resulted in both Constables being charged with the possession and supply of dangerous drugs. The police go on to say that despite the charges “this does not mean that the allegations against the officer[s] have been substantiated”.

Taking into account the above grounds and the actions of those Constables, it seems reasonable that the QPS could be declared a ’Criminal Organisation’ along with all the other declared Queensland motorcycle clubs.

If it’s good for the goose, it must be good for the gander.

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