Campbell Newman backs down on bikies, restores bipartisan appointment to CCC chair following Stafford by-election backlash | Irish Bentley Laywers
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Queensland Premier Campbell Newman has apologised to the people of Queensland as he announced a reversal of several controversial policy positions.

The Premier said the Crime and Corruption Commission (CCC) chair would again be a bipartisan appointment, estimates would revert to their previous schedule and jailed bikies would no longer be isolated.

Mr Newman said he would also meet with judges to mend fences following the controversial appointment of new chief justice Tim Carmody.

“I’m sorry today if we have done things that have upset people,” he said.

“We will be doing a lot better in the future to try to explain our decisions and take Queenslanders with us on a bright journey into a very positive future.

“We got it wrong on those issues, not too proud to say.”

Mr Newman said asset sales plans would continue.

“We do need to go through with the Strong Choices program,” he said.

“We believe this is only way to repair the state’s finances and get the infrastructure that Queenslanders need and deserve. We will be continuing with that.”

The changes to the appointment of the CCC chair were the most short-lived of the policies set to be reversed, having only been passed through the Parliament in May.

The appointment of the chair was considered the most controversial aspect of the overhaul of the Crime and Misconduct Commission, now the CCC.

The major announcements followed a backlash against the Government at the Stafford by-election at the weekend.

Labor’s Dr Anthony Lynham won the seat in Brisbane’s north, with a huge swing of 18.6 per cent against the LNP.

The win adds a ninth MP to Labor’s ranks in the 89-seat State Parliament.

Dr Lynham secured 61.5 per cent of the vote after preferences, which was the biggest swing at a Queensland by-election since changes were made to the Electoral Act in 1992.

Queensland Treasurer Tim Nicholls earlier told 612 ABC Brisbane that Monday’s Cabinet meeting would discuss several hot topics following the “kicking” it received at the by-election.

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