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The Wilson Report into the VLAD laws stated the task force set up by the Newman Government was a misallocation of resources which resulted in important areas of crime being neglected, especially white collar fraud and paedophilia. The rough statistics were that there were almost 200 detectives engaged by the Newman Government to attack bikies, yet less than 5 detectives worked on paedophilia cases. The report also observed that Queensland became the centre of paedophilia activity during the same period. A misallocation of resources?

And lest we forget – having a task force set up to persecute any group (bikie or not) in itself is an offensive concept – the fact is that not everyone in a club is a criminal.

So yet again we have a government willing to misallocate resources for political purposes.

The victims are not just the people being persecuted (members of motorcycle clubs), but also their families, their employees, their friends, and frankly a lot of innocent people.

Not one successful conviction has yet been achieved on these laws, the High Court was highly critical and the effect of the Kuczborski decision was largely to render the VLAD laws unenforceable. The government claims they have had one conviction – but the individual was alone and was not a member of a club, and he plead guilty where he should not have done so, the only real VLAD matter that has proceeded to a trial was for a 60C offence (where a person cops a 6-month jail term for entering the property where a clubhouse once stood). Irish Bentley Lawyers acted for the defendant, and as a result, these charges were withdrawn mid-trial and the police paid the defendant’s costs.

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The “new” laws drafted by the current Labour government are almost as bad in many ways and deserve to be challenged and declared invalid. If you have been persecuted or charged as a result of these laws, Irish Bentley Lawyers have the experience and knowledge of the relevant laws to assist.


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