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Irish Bentley Lawyers accepts credit card payments for monies to be paid into trust, or for an invoice, on the following basis: Any payments to Irish Bentley Lawyers, including through this website via credit card, are made pursuant to the Costs Agreement with Irish Bentley Lawyers. If you disagree with any charge to your credit card to Irish Bentley Lawyers, then contact us immediately to discuss by sending written notice to PO Box 8374 Woolloongabba QLD 4102. The Legal Profession Act 2007 provides methods for disputing invoices for legal services including applying for independent assessment of the costs, and applying for a costs agreement to be set aside. Therefore, no refunds will be granted for all or part of payments except pursuant to the Costs Agreement or the Legal Profession Act 2007; or if satisfactory evidence is provided that charges were incurred as the result of identify theft/credit card fraud by a person other than the actual card holder.
*** If after making a payment by credit card you try to circumvent the dispute resolution procedures in the Costs Agreement and/or available under the Legal Profession Act 2007 by requesting a reversal of the payment by your credit card provider, you will be liable for the damages we incur, which will be $1,000.00, as well as the original payment due. ***