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Resolving disputes between business partners who no longer wish to work together is a specialisation at Irish Bentley Lawyers.

Partnership disputes, like shareholder disputes, need to be handled carefully by a lawyer with insolvency and taxation experience.

Our experienced litigators have appeared in all State and Federal Courts and tribunals, up to and including the Full Bench of the High Court of Australia.

We focus on providing commercial outcomes by considering all of your rights and options so that the correct strategy can be adopted.

Irish Bentley Lawyers has the experience, the reputation and the ability to secure the best possible result at a cost effective price.

We look not only at how to fix a problem, but also how to protect your interest in the future.

  1. Representation in all State and Federal Courts and tribunals up to the Full Bench of the High Court.
  2. Breakdown in partnerships and business ventures.
  3. Disputes over share capital, dividends and other financial aspects.
  4. Deadlock of directors and appointments of receivers.
  5. Directors duties and obligations owed to shareholders/fellow directors.
  6. Division of company assets.
  7. Intellectual property ownership and authorised usages of same.
  8. Company constitution disputes and managerial control.
  9. Future of the company/business post partnership breakdown.
  10. Contractual obligations to third parties (service and supply).
  • Successfully appointing receivers of corporations for acting in a manner that is oppressive to its shareholder and/or fellow directors on both the domestic and international spectrum.
  • Acting on behalf of one of two directors disputing ownership of ground-breaking intellectual property and the future prosperity of the business.
  • Drafting fully comprehensive deeds of settlement to effectively handle any future disputes between directors and/or partners.
  • Intervening in liquidation proceedings on behalf of one of several directors to secure company assets.


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For all business partnership disputes, contact the team at Irish Bentley Lawyers.

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