In House Counsel

In-House Counsel – How does it work?

Irish Bentley Lawyers In-House Counsel provides your business with a team of lawyers across all areas of Law at a fixed price to your business every month.

Legal services are an inevitably required by every business, but every business has different legal requirements.

Why rely on the skills of one Lawyer when you could have a whole team at less cost and hassle to your business?

Fixed Pricing:

You will have the benefit of a fixed price agreement with a highly respected Law Firm allowing you to even out cash flow on legals.


You have the flexibility of giving us 1 months’ notice should you wish to terminate our agreement – just like with an employee.

Reasonable Use:

As your company grows we can upscale your team to meet your requirements. We understand we need to prove our value and have no hesitation in guaranteeing this.

Ten reasons why you should use Irish Bentley Lawyers as your In-House Counsel:
  1. No Recruitment Agent Fees.
  2. No Superannuation Payments or PAYG paperwork or costs.
  3. No Annual Leave Costs, and no sick days.
  4. No unfair dismissal claims, no WorkCover premiums, no politics!
  5. No need to buy desks, computers, and lease office space.
  6. Yes to having a full team covering all areas of business Law.
  7. Yes to Insurance Coverage on all work.
  8. Yes to Recovery of Legal Costs.
  9. Yes to the Intimidation of a Respectable Law Firm.
  10. Yes to quick, effective and powerful lawyers acting for you.
The Process
  1. Meet Mr Zeke Bentley, the Principal Lawyer for Irish Bentley Lawyers, to discuss your requirements.
  2. Set your budget requirement and terms.
  3. Let us get to work protecting your interests.

To discuss your needs for in-house counsel, contact our team today.

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