Debt Recovery Litigation

Debt Recovery Litigation


With a long history in debt recovery litigation, our experienced litigators have appeared in all State and Federal Courts and tribunals, up to and including the Full Bench of the High Court of Australia.

We focus on delivering commercial outcomes by considering all of your rights and options so that the correct strategy can be adopted.

Irish Bentley Lawyers has the experience, the reputation and the ability to secure the best possible result at a cost effective price.

We consider how to fix a problem, and how to protect your interests in the future.

  1. Representation in all State and Federal Courts and tribunals up to the Full Bench of the High Court.
  2. Enforcement of domestic and international judgments against debtors both in Australia and abroad.
  3. Statutory demands on corporations and commercial entities to recover outstanding debts and/or loans.
  4. Winding  up proceedings against insolvent companies subsequent to the expiration of statutory demands.
  5. Registration of international judgments in Australia.
  6. Mortgagor litigation and power of sale.
  7. Bankruptcy notices and appointment of trustees.
  8. Assignment of debt and the validity of same.
  9. Guarantees and enforcing the rights of the creditors.
  10. Acknowledgements of debts and seeking leave to proceeding on statutory barred debts (out of time).
  • Obtaining judgments across all levels of Courts against individuals, partnerships and both domestic and internationally based corporate entities in excess of $1,000,000.00 AUD. Obtaining enforcement warrants against debtors, applying to garnish bank accounts and appointment of trustees.
  • Successfully winding up companies on the grounds of insolvency subsequent to the expiration of statutory demands in heavily contested litigation involving the use of Queen’s Counsel.
  • Defending the winding up of a client’s company on the grounds of genuine dispute and inconsistency of debt and obtaining costs orders against the applicant on the indemnity basis.
  • Seeking the enforcement of mortgages in events of default, appointing bailiffs to secure vacant possession and the selling of debtors’ property in satisfaction of the debt.

For professional legal advice on all matters relating to debt recovery litigation, speak to the team at Irish Bentley Lawyers.


AI Best International Commercial Lawyer 2017

AI M&A Award 2016: Award for Excellence in Insolvency Law

AI M&A Award 2016: Recognized leader in Litigation Solutions


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