Section 501 VISAS – Why You Should Choose Irish Bentley Lawyers

501 Visa


Our experience in 501 visa character matters:

We have extensive experience in the controversial Section 501 character matters, and in applying to the Federal Court of Australia for assistance, in circumstances where visas have been cancelled.

It is important to note that, very few cases have been before the Federal Court and we are one, of only, a handful of Firms with the requisite experience in these matters.

We also have experience in attacking legislation in the High Court, and have identified a number of constitutional problems with these 501 visa character provisions, especially with respect to:

  1. Their retrospective effect.
  2. The way they interfere with finalised matters and Court sentences, by imposing greater punishment and essentially undermining the Court system.
  3. The conflict with the Berne Convention and the Hague convention.
  4. The failure to allow for the rights of Australian citizens who are affected by having a family member deported.

Read about our recent triumph in a Section 501 case, where we were able to successfully have a client’s permanent residency status reinstated.

If you have been affected by Section 501, or know someone who has been, please do not hesitate to contact us immediately to discuss your options.

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